Download all 3 of our books for FREE (limited time!)

For those of you following us, you know that we have published 3 books in 2018, with the goal of making it easier for others to live independently and more fully explore the food they eat.  For Thanksgiving and Black Friday this year, the eBook versions are all available for FREE on Amazon. Click the books below to grab yours. Continue reading “Download all 3 of our books for FREE (limited time!)”

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Help us understand your food and win free maple sugar!

We love to go with our guts on what is right. We’ve developed deep opinions over time and have done some work along the way to validate my thinking, and our instincts have improved and evolved into something we really feel good about. But every now and then we hear something, or see how someone lives, or just put ourselves in someone else’s shoes and everything changes. What does this have to do with your chance to win some free granulated maple sugar, made right here at Ferrin Brook Farm? Continue reading “Help us understand your food and win free maple sugar!”

How To Make Granulated Maple Sugar at Home

How to Make Granulated Maple Sugar [infographic]

Granulated maple sugar is made by removing all moisture from maple sap / maple syrup, leaving behind wonderful sugar crystals with maple flavor that can be used in an impressive number of ways, from substituting for standard sugar in a recipe to unique applications such as sprinkling onto blueberries and other fruits.  And guess what, it’s easy enough to make in your kitchen today. Continue reading “How to Make Granulated Maple Sugar [infographic]”