maple tree buds in the sun while the maple sap flows

Climate Criteria for Collecting Maple Sap

Maybe you’ve heard this before: in order for the sap to flow in a maple tree and harvest it for making syrup, temperatures need to be above freezing during the day and below freezing at night.  Well, we’ve been tapping maples to make syrup for several years, and I must say: assuming sap is flowing simply because it is 33°F (1°C) or above is incorrect.  There are other factors at play.
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Everything you need to know to make DIY Maple Syrup from your maple trees (on a budget!)

We may be in the middle of winter, but it’s time to start thinking about spring.  First on the docket: maple syrup prep.  Do you have maple trees and live in an area that has freezing winters? You can probably make maple syrup yourself! And while we have a lot of content on this blog about maple syrup production and how you can use the stuff, the information has been somewhat sporadic and incomplete–until now!  We’ve gone deeper, filled in the gaps, and developed a complete guide for harvesting and making your own maple syrup, from start to finish.

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how to reduce smoky flavor when boiling sap over an open fire to make maple syrup

6 simple tips to avoid smoky flavor in maple syrup boiled over an open fire

Smoky flavor can sneak into maple syrup boiled over an open fire because the smoke and debris from the fire pass over the sap as it boils.  Even if you enjoy this smokiness, it is actually considered a flaw in syrup and could even be somewhat bad for your health, depending on what you burn with.  There is no smoke flavor in syrup made in a standard evaporator setup because the fire is isolated from the sap and smoke flows out a chimney. But hey, we don’t have a sugarhouse and certainly no chimney for our evaporator setup and yet our syrup is smoke-free!
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How To Make Granulated Maple Sugar at Home

How to Make Granulated Maple Sugar [infographic]

Granulated maple sugar is made by removing all moisture from maple sap / maple syrup, leaving behind wonderful sugar crystals with maple flavor that can be used in an impressive number of ways, from substituting for standard sugar in a recipe to unique applications such as sprinkling onto blueberries and other fruits.  And guess what, it’s easy enough to make in your kitchen today. Continue reading “How to Make Granulated Maple Sugar [infographic]”

Bread baked with maple sap

3 Ways to Use Maple Sap Other Than Boiling Into Maple Syrup

We were ambitious this year and tapped double the maple trees we tapped last year.  Now we find ourselves with a year’s supply of syrup already and limited energy remaining to keep up the effort of evaporating the many remaining gallons of sap.  To prevent the sap from just going to waste, we’ve come up with and tried out several ideas to use sap and make the most of our flowing bounty.  Continue reading “3 Ways to Use Maple Sap Other Than Boiling Into Maple Syrup”