Garden Update Mid July

I have been trying to practice restraint in our garden beds. Such a tough thing to do when you are excited as we are about growing our own food from seed!  The lettuce, kale, and swiss chard are taking off and we even saw sweet peas this week! It all looks so pretty almost too pretty to eat. Continue reading “Garden Update Mid July”

hügelkultur diy raised garden bed how to

Hügelkultur – How to Easily Make Free and Sustainable Raised Garden Beds

Say it 3 times fast: Hügelkultur! Hügelkultur! Hügelkultur!  That’s right, that “u” has an umlaut, so you know we mean business. But just because we’re going to get down and dirty doesn’t mean hügelkultur is difficult. In fact, you can take any patch of lawn on your land and convert it to a raised hügelkultur garden bed in under an hour.  Seriously! I did it while our almost 3 year old threw constant distractions my way and started up conversations with every worm she found. Continue reading “Hügelkultur – How to Easily Make Free and Sustainable Raised Garden Beds”