Lard, the misunderstood fat (and how to render your own lard)

Oh great, another article about how lard is healthy.  I bet you think I’m about to make an effort to convince you that lard should replace all the butter, shortening and olive oil in your pantry.  Yeesh, no way.  Or maybe you’re thinking, here we go, a pseudo-scientific health article comparing different levels of chemicals that make up the various fats available and somehow prove that when you look at lard a certain way, it’s a bona fide superfood.  Nah, too over my head.  Lard is good for three reasons if you ask me: it’s naturally part of our evolved diets as omnivorous humans, it performs amazingly for baking and frying, and it can easily be obtained and rendered from local sources (perhaps most important of all!).  Leave the fake science for the wannabe nerds that think turkey puts them to sleep!

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