Winter Squash Long Grain Risotto [recipe]

Risotto has always been a favorite of mine but it always seems daunting, maybe I need the right rice, don’t I need cream? And white wine? I don’t have time to make this, do I?  But this time I didn’t get hung up on arborio rice and found a way to make do with what I had in the cupboard!
Turkey with 100 cloves of garlic, spatchcocked

Turkey with 100 Cloves of Garlic [recipe with gluten free gravy]

Captain’s log, stardate -307097.0319634703. We have travelled through a wormhole and entered a peculiar dinner star system in the Plimoth Alpha sector on a most critical mission of gastrophysical research. These early Earth inhabitants consume a large domesticated fowl, known to them as “turkey” and surround it with illogical amounts of a cousin plant to the now extinct onion. They call this “turkey with 100 cloves”. We are here to observe and attempt to understand the event that changed the course of human history forever. This garlicky dish directly led to the development of our transporter. Continue reading “Turkey with 100 Cloves of Garlic

And so in went the garlic!

I have been thinking about planting garlic since we were eating scapes from the farmer’s market in May!  So I was pretty excited to have some really nice big garlic from a few different farms to try to grow in my own garden. Can you believe that last year at this time we had SNOW?  Me either.  Autumn has been nice to us this year as far as temperatures, harvest yields, and being able to go pick apples in November!  Last year, I hadn’t listened to the farmer’s adages about a month before the frost, nor did I heed their warnings at the final outdoor farmer’s markets when they probed and pushed, “did ya get your garlic yet?” Well this year I had a little help from some friends and I’m hoping for garlic in the spring! Continue reading “And so in went the garlic!”