Putting the broilers out to pasture and building a bigger coop

Let’s get right to it. We’ve been busy lately.  The garden is mostly planted. The broilers are now outside. The new chicken coop is about 80% finished.  But boy has it been a lot of work to get to this point!   Continue reading “Putting the broilers out to pasture and building a bigger coop”

Today’s the Day

As I’ve mentioned before, I am a fan of podcasts.  They are perfect for surviving commutes and help me stay focused when I’m doing chores.  One of my all-time favorite podcasts is the storytelling podcast, Risk, where the whole idea is for people to tell stories “they never thought they’d dare to share.” They are taking a risk telling the story, but also, a lot of the stories come from a place of true risk-taking.  At the end of every single episode, host Kevin Allison sends out his encouragement by saying “Folks, today’s the day. Take a risk.” Every time I hear Kevin say this, I find myself wondering what risks there are that I’m avoiding taking.  What are we holding back on because we’re afraid of it not working out?  Continue reading “Today’s the Day”

Doing it Yourself Doesn’t Mean Doing it Alone

Dear Fellow Homesteader, Beginning Homesteader, Farmers, Backyard Gardner, and DIY-ers,

I wish we could live with our yards and our acres back to back.  So that the proverbial cup of sugar (or maybe you would prefer a spoonful of raw unfiltered honey) was just a snow path away, rather than texting or driving or connecting virtually.  But here we are. And there you are…miles and miles away.

Continue reading “Doing it Yourself Doesn’t Mean Doing it Alone”