these pekin ducklings are camera shy

Trending: Ducks are not chickens

Did you spot our new ducklings on Instagram last week?  We now have 10 pekin ducklings that we are going to raise for meat.  And after raising hundreds of chickens, we are learning that ducks are a very different bird.  We have a ways to go before we feel more confident about ducks, but here are our initial impressions. Continue reading “Trending: Ducks are not chickens”

Putting the broilers out to pasture and building a bigger coop

Let’s get right to it. We’ve been busy lately.  The garden is mostly planted. The broilers are now outside. The new chicken coop is about 80% finished.  But boy has it been a lot of work to get to this point!   Continue reading “Putting the broilers out to pasture and building a bigger coop”

Today’s the Day

As I’ve mentioned before, I am a fan of podcasts.  They are perfect for surviving commutes and help me stay focused when I’m doing chores.  One of my all-time favorite podcasts is the storytelling podcast, Risk, where the whole idea is for people to tell stories “they never thought they’d dare to share.” They are taking a risk telling the story, but also, a lot of the stories come from a place of true risk-taking.  At the end of every single episode, host Kevin Allison sends out his encouragement by saying “Folks, today’s the day. Take a risk.” Every time I hear Kevin say this, I find myself wondering what risks there are that I’m avoiding taking.  What are we holding back on because we’re afraid of it not working out?  Continue reading “Today’s the Day”

Farm letter: Welcome baby chicks

After much thought, calculation, and preparation, the broiler chicks have arrived. They are a feisty bunch,  with some being so bold that they charge and peck at our fingers.  This is what we want, though. Active birds.  Broilers have a reputation of being lazy and prone to health issues, so we do a lot to encourage activity in our birds.

Continue reading “Farm letter: Welcome baby chicks”

birch syrup on a spoon

Weekly letter – The maples shut down, so let’s make birch syrup

Hi friends!  What a wild sugaring season we’ve had!  So many times we thought the trees would be running and they didn’t.  Or they ran and ran and ran for a few days and we were practically swimming in unexpected sap.  Such is the way of spring and its transition. Continue reading “Weekly letter – The maples shut down, so let’s make birch syrup”

seedlings sprouting

Kairos – the perfect thing at the exact right time

Dear friends, don’t you just love the energy of early spring? This time of year is crucial for anyone who is directly involved in the raising of their food. It is a time where you set everything in motion, where you essentially stock your freezer and pantry for the summer, fall, and winter to come. It’s a delicate and exciting time! Amy and I have been reverting to our college selves a bit lately, engaging in discussions of philosophy as we work and plan. We’ve been thinking especially of the concept of “kairos”. Continue reading “Kairos – the perfect thing at the exact right time”