Mustard Greens Macaroni and Cheese

Mustard Greens Macaroni and Cheese [recipe with gluten free option]

There are many foods that I have despised in this life. One poorly prepared dish, preconceptions passed from a friend, or even just the first glance at a food in a poor context could destroy a reputation for years in my mind. To this day there are still some foods that will cause turmoil if I see them set before me. But I’ve come to learn that it is always worth revisiting a vegetable in a new way, trying a new spice, or eating a new part of an animal. Even the food you think you’ll always hate can shine in the right context.  Continue reading “Mustard Greens Macaroni and Cheese

Whole Grain Muffins

Our Favorite Nutritious Homemade Family Snacks (with Granola Recipe!)

It’s not quite time for one of those square meals of the day and I can feel my stomach rumbling. We have been cleaning, clearing, chopping, corraling, and contemplating the land lately; and with so much more time outside doing hard work, we are hungry homesteaders! I personally really enjoy baking and take a pride in knowing all of the ingredients that go into our food.  So I have crafted many healthy snacks for me and my family to enjoy with simple, local, organic, whole grain or fresh ingredients. These are some of our favorite recipes for easy to grab and healthy snacks.

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My Meal Plan, My Budget, and Me!

My meal planning all started after I drove to town to get chicken supplies on Monday. Then back to the pet store on Wednesday for the dog’s food before her dinnertime. Then my daughter and I went on our weekly shopping trip to the grogery store.  And after a long wind through the grocery store maze, I simply said “never again, if I can help it,” on the long drive home.   Continue reading “My Meal Plan, My Budget, and Me!”

Roasted Root Vegetable Recipe

Roasted Winter Vegetable Medley

At this point in winter and early spring, we are scavenging and scrounging at the bottom of the root cellar for those last good looking carrots, potatoes, parsnips, beets, and root veggies.  And what else can you do with them? Here is my favorite recipe which can be modified to your tastes or what is in your cupboards. Continue reading “Roasted Winter Vegetable Medley”

How to Make Sugar on Snow (aka Maple Taffy) [infographic]

It’s safe to say that we’ve got maple syrup on our minds! Between checking our taps daily and our daughter’s love of maple sugaring themed books, we have it covered.  And we’ve been eager to try Sugar on Snow, aka Maple Taffy, aka easy, fun, and delicious treat! Continue reading “How to Make Sugar on Snow (aka Maple Taffy) [infographic]”

Summer in February Strawberry Rhubarb Crisp

The snow banks are reaching towards the power lines as I dream about the grass growing again and the new garden plans and the baby chicks we will order in March.  It has been a record cold month and the east coast has been pummeled with snow for two and a half months.  Oh, February is definitely the time for summer dreaming. Winter is too long and pushes us right to the edges of ourselves, our pantry, our well stocked freezer, and our patience. So, what can I do but reach deep into the freezer and bake a warm gooey strawberry rhubarb crisp!? Dreaming of warmer days so soon to come… Continue reading “Summer in February Strawberry Rhubarb Crisp”

Potato Pancake Comfort (Gluten Free recipe)

On these cold winter days we find ourselves surrounded.  Earthy vegetables are scattered throughout the cool and dry spots of the house in boxes, baskets, and paper bags, the rest jammed in the fridge.  Our winter cache is beginning to dwindle to the hardiest of produce: carrots, celeriac, beets, parsnips and potatoes, all of which taste sweeter than standard grocery fair from the magic/science of starches, sugars, and cold weather.  Winter is the only time of year I truly enjoy peeling vegetables, for the stunning aromas of these wonders encompass my head like a perfume.  The smell of a winter celeriac freshly diced is a gift that makes me weak at the knees.

Today we’re working with a northern standby, the potato.  Not as aromatic and seductive as other earthen vegetables at first whiff, yet the warmth and comfort associated with the potato, not to mention its versatility, makes it a true staple of virtually all styles of cooking.  I feel like something a little different this time.  Let’s make some pancakes.

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How to Save Your Onions from Going Bad (and what to do if they do)

It’s happened to everyone.  You buy that huge bag of onions from the store or your favorite farmer and see endless possibilities.  Caramelized onions.  French onion soup.  Grilled onions for burgers.  But then weeks pass and you’ve barely put a dent in the supply.  Some of the onions are starting to sprout, others are getting mushy and dark.  Was it a waste to buy in bulk?  Never!  Read on to see how you can save your onions and store them properly for countless meals.

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