Simply Amazing Brussels Sprout for Thanksgiving [recipe]

I absolutely LOVE my grandmother’s stuffing and when I first made it for my husband when we were dating I realized, it tastes pretty good, but I had much more fun buying the ingredients and making it than just sitting down to eat the dish.  I had to work hard to buy the exact kinds of ingredients, as directed by my aunt and mother.  I had a smile on my face talking to each of them listening to how they remember making the stuffing and how they would assign tasks to me and my sister, my cousins, and uncles too!  When the final steps came and I was tossing it altogether, before I baked it, I was so happy it looked just right, but even happier that I had followed the food back through the stories, and through the traditions, and even back to the source.  My aunt’s handwriting of the ingredients and meticulous steps are permanently stained and next to my new recipes in my cookbook.

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