HAPPY CHALLAH-WEEN (Pumpkin Challah Bread recipe)

We picked up some amazing pumpkins at White Gates Farm and one is just aching to become our jack-o-lantern. The pie pumpkins have been our table centerpieces. ¬†I love pumpkins in the fall and winter because they store well, they can be added to many dishes for a depth of flavor (and vitamins and nutrients). ¬†They make great baby puree and blends. ¬†But the desserts are really why we know and love pumpkins the most.¬† Continue reading “HAPPY CHALLAH-WEEN (Pumpkin Challah Bread recipe)”


Harvesting Wild Bread Yeast from the Top of a Mountain

Bread is just one of those things, isn’t it? ¬†The more you learn, the better it can be. ¬†Go from a¬†factory produced white bread peanut butter and jelly sandwich to an authentic french baguette with some brie and your world view changes dramatically. ¬†Take the leap from letting a bread machine and store bought¬†yeast create your bread for you to¬†feeding and caring for a sourdough culture, then handling the supple dough with your palms and fingers, and now the bread has a story to tell. ¬† Continue reading “Harvesting Wild Bread Yeast from the Top of a Mountain”