How We Choose to Raise Chicken

  • We use 100% USDA Organic feed combined with pasturing (learn more about pasturing here).
  • We provide more than triple the recommended space for the chickens to maximize comfort and safety and enjoy the benefits of free ranging.
  • Our land is completely untreated and offers a dynamic array of bugs and lush, wild plant life for the chickens to enjoy according to instinct.
  • All chickens are handled and raised with the highest standards of humane treatment.
  • We comply with all NH regulations and use fully sanitized food safe equipment for every step of processing.

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* We feed our chickens 100% USDA organic certified feed and allow them to pasture on our land which is not treated with any pesticides or fertilizers or anything else.  We are 100% committed to living an organic life and raising organic food, but we have to let you know we do not have any official organic certifications, just our promise to stick to our ideals.