Everything you need to know to make DIY Maple Syrup from your maple trees (on a budget!)

We may be in the middle of winter, but it’s time to start thinking about spring.  First on the docket: maple syrup prep.  Do you have maple trees and live in an area that has freezing winters? You can probably make maple syrup yourself! And while we have a lot of content on this blog about maple syrup production and how you can use the stuff, the information has been somewhat sporadic and incomplete–until now!  We’ve gone deeper, filled in the gaps, and developed a complete guide for harvesting and making your own maple syrup, from start to finish.

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collecting garlic scapes in a basket with our daughter

You can’t escape going ape for a GARLIC SCAPE so make a crepe in a funny shape

Oh great another underwhelming recipe roundup with no dad jokes or practical ideas… NOT!!!!!!! Continue reading “You can’t escape going ape for a GARLIC SCAPE so make a crepe in a funny shape”

pasture raised organic fed cornish game hens roasted to perfection for banner

The Complete Recipe for Perfect Cornish Game Hens

We just tasted the first of this year’s Cornish game hens.  They were so good we decided we would share our recipe for them, perfect roasted.  Preparation of the ingredients starts a little earlier than most recipes.   Continue reading “The Complete Recipe for Perfect Cornish Game Hens”

Farm Fresh Chicken User Manual [updated]

I am always humbled by the experience raising our own chickens, watching the transformation that meat must undergo. It is a labor of love for us, and we are grateful to have the opportunity and land to support this highly engaged, satisfying work. And this satisfaction is multiplied when we share with friends and family. With so much going into this meat, we wanted to share our techniques for basic storage and preparation so the meat is at its best for the dinner table. Continue reading “Farm Fresh Chicken User Manual [updated]”

Why Pastured Chicken is Better than Organic [updated]

All natural. Cage free. Hormone free. Free range. No antibiotics. Organic. All these terms and more clutter the labeling for “healthy” chicken and eggs throughout the stores and markets. But what do they really mean? I’ve discussed “organic” meat already (see post here), and discovered that just because something is organic doesn’t necessarily make it perfect. In the end it comes down to the farmers themselves and how they treat their animals. It turns out that some practices are more valuable than others, too. Continue reading “Why Pastured Chicken is Better than Organic [updated]”

heart shaped carrot slices as an alternative to unhealthy valentine's day candy hearts

Throw away those candy hearts, carrot hearts are the way to show you really love someone

The ingredients in NECCO Sweethearts are as follows: sugar, corn syrup, gelatin, gums, coloring and flavoring.  They’re fun, they’re small, they’re tradition.  But not a good tradition.  Continue reading “Throw away those candy hearts, carrot hearts are the way to show you really love someone”

our organic red potatoes

Local foods are the key to sticking to Obama administration’s new dietary guidelines

Today the Obama administration released new guidelines for Americans to eat by. Generally speaking, the guidelines aren’t that groundbreaking: Eat fruits and vegetables, don’t eat too much meat, cut the junk foods and sugar. Sounds easy, but applying these rules can be hard! Nobody wants to eat broccoli all day, and sometimes a hamburger is… well, important! How do we make a shift in our lifestyle that is not only comfortable, but actually enjoyable? Continue reading “Local foods are the key to sticking to Obama administration’s new dietary guidelines”

rolling out healthy meatballs with kale rutabaga beets and oats

Yes Virginia, meatballs can be healthy #recipe

Meatballs might be the perfect food.  The satisfaction and nutrition of meat  in a vessel that enables infinite possibilities.  But it seems that most meatball recipes out there, no matter what the application (pasta sauce, swedish sauce, soups, etc.), the non-meat ingredients are usually minimal and simple, like breadcrumbs or onions.  This is an opportunity missed if you ask us!  Continue reading “Yes Virginia, meatballs can be healthy #recipe”

winter squash hummus dip on a rosemary raisin nut cracker

Herby Winter Squash Hummus [recipe]

New Year’s Eve parties are absolutely littered with unhealthy foods. Maybe everyone is looking for that final hurrah before coming face to face with their diet resolutions?  But we have found a secret: eating healthy, local food doesn’t mean eating foods that taste bland.    Continue reading “Herby Winter Squash Hummus 

healthy winter squash lasagna recipe

Low-Fat, High Vitamin Winter Squash Lasagna [recipe]

Just when you think you’ve had enough squash, there’s a lovely delicious lasagna recipe you just have to try. And after we tried it out, we’re adding it to short list of ideas for our 2016 Christmas dinner.  Squash replacing turkey!   Continue reading “Low-Fat, High Vitamin Winter Squash Lasagna