Use Google Calendar to Plan your Garden and access it from your phone

Using Google Calendar to Plan Your Vegetable Garden and Other Farm Tasks

Every farmer has a system they swear by for planning their garden.  Some use graph paper and sketch out their plots, others write scrupulous notes in journals and track all activity through the year, and others scratch notes into the beams in their shed with a pocketknife.  One thing is consistent, though: to have a successful garden, you need to plan and pay attention.  What do we do?  Believe it or not, we choose to rely on some modern technology around here and use Google Calendar to plan out our vegetable garden, chickens, maple syrup, and any other chores we want to ensure get done at the right time.  Google Calendar is a great way to do this that keeps us on top of things while being easily accessible on any of our devices.  And best of all, it is FREE. Continue reading “Using Google Calendar to Plan Your Vegetable Garden and Other Farm Tasks”

DIY Guitar Wall Mount Made With A Deer Antler [instructions]

Did you have a successful shed hunt?  (Click here if you don’t know what I’m talking about).  Play guitar or know someone who does? If you have an antler with the right point positioning (or are willing to buy one), you might be able to make a super easy and fantastic looking wall mount for a guitar, bass, banjo, ukulele, etc.   Continue reading “DIY Guitar Wall Mount Made With A Deer Antler [instructions]”

The Art of Housekeeping

Our rhythm has saved my life.  Rhythm feels good and secure and helps take a lot of stress off my shoulders.  It feels like a long time ago, when the kiddo was born, a natural rhythm came about as it does with a newborn, with waking, eating, sleeping, and diapers! Now it has morphed into a toddler or kiddo rhythm, which includes more outside time, chores, snacking, playing with friends, library time, and other adventures.  We have set days for shopping, for baking, for going to the farmer’s market in the summer.  We all feel so comfortable in the routine we have developed and it is something we hope to continue and expand to other parts of our lives, not just the kiddo’s life.  When things are expected and set, then there is less discussion and conflict, maybe even fewer outbursts because ingrained expectations are developing for all of us.  There are fewer tantrums (maybe) because we know that after eating breakfast we will do the kitchen cleanup and then get dressed for the day.

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