heart shaped carrot slices as an alternative to unhealthy valentine's day candy hearts

Throw away those candy hearts, carrot hearts are the way to show you really love someone

The ingredients in NECCO Sweethearts are as follows: sugar, corn syrup, gelatin, gums, coloring and flavoring.  They’re fun, they’re small, they’re tradition.  But not a good tradition.  Continue reading “Throw away those candy hearts, carrot hearts are the way to show you really love someone”

homemade baby food - pureed hubbard winter squash

Making your own baby food is as easy as 1, 2. Easier than ABC!

Sometimes when Amy tells someone that we make all of our own baby food, they are astounded. Maybe the idea of giving a precious baby food seems to complicated to get safe results? We’ve found it to be extremely easy. And unlike preparing just about any other meal, making baby food at home is really just two steps.  Continue reading “Making your own baby food is as easy as 1, 2. Easier than ABC!”

Cut your Christmas Tree Down From the Woods like Santa Intended

You know those old stories and children’s books where the family treks into the woods to find the perfect Christmas tree and they actually find it?  No trees shipped in from who knows where, no parking lots to browse through, no sales people.  A tree from the forest near your home. Sounds nice.  I wish we could do that. Oh wait!  Continue reading “Cut your Christmas Tree Down From the Woods like Santa Intended”

Fall Fun for Families

Every chance we get lately, we are outside! There is something about Autumn air and the chill of the mornings! I LOVE IT. Every moment we are not working on the homestead, we are trying to savor all of Autumn’s wonderful sights, smells, and traditions.  Here are a few things we like to do this time of year. What are you doing to embrace Fall? Continue reading “Fall Fun for Families”

Gardening with Infants and Small Children

I just went outside and worked in the yard.  It was lovely. It was HOT. I sweated more than I have in months…have we mentioned that it was a really long winter up here in NH? I have been so excited and invigorated since the snow melted.  But, I found this year has been different as I started my yard work and gardening with a newborn and toddler/preschooler in tow.  And while I want to think it doesn’t change much, it totally stopped me in my tracks and made me reconsider a few things. Continue reading “Gardening with Infants and Small Children”

Children's Books, Pelle's New Suit

5 Charming Farm-Themed Children’s Books You May Not Know About

As we raise our children, it has become very clear that keeping them engaged is important.  From the crying infant eagerly gazing out a window to the 3 year old begging to color with crayons, kids need to explore, see, hear, and experiment.  They want nothing more than to learn about anything and everything.  That’s why, multiple times every day, we make sure to share stories.  While walking in the woods we craft yarns about squirrels and their families, riding in the car we recount memories of our own childhood to our kids, and, most of all, we read books.

Continue reading “5 Charming Farm-Themed Children’s Books You May Not Know About”

My Meal Plan, My Budget, and Me!

My meal planning all started after I drove to town to get chicken supplies on Monday. Then back to the pet store on Wednesday for the dog’s food before her dinnertime. Then my daughter and I went on our weekly shopping trip to the grogery store.  And after a long wind through the grocery store maze, I simply said “never again, if I can help it,” on the long drive home.   Continue reading “My Meal Plan, My Budget, and Me!”