Download all 3 of our books for FREE (limited time!)

For those of you following us, you know that we have published 3 books in 2018, with the goal of making it easier for others to live independently and more fully explore the food they eat.  For Thanksgiving and Black Friday this year, the eBook versions are all available for FREE on Amazon. Click the books below to grab yours.

If you find the books helpful, it would be so cool of you to post reviews on Amazon.  It’s a super easy way to give us a fighting chance to reach more people and help them learn how to live more independently.  Thanks!

Dinner From Scratch: How to Raise Meat Chickens


Why raise your own meat? Because you know you will make the right choices. The chicken you eat will have been raised the way you want it to be raised. Exactly. You choose its feed, you choose its home, you choose how it is treated. You keep them healthy and content.

Click here to get your free copy of the eBook (11/22/2018 and 11/23/2018 only!)

Local Sugar: Recipes & Ideas for Exploring the Wonder of Maple Syrup

local sugar-cover-small-crop-for-kindle

Maple syrup undergoes way, way less processing than refined cane sugar. That alone makes it a great alternative sweetener for any diet. And even if we didn’t make our own, it is also made locally in North America. It has a limited environmental impact and even boasts some essential nutrients. But syrup is liquid, which makes it hard to substitute into recipes that use refined sugar… until now!

Click here to get your free copy of the eBook (11/22/2018 and 11/23/2018 only!)

Start to Finish Maple Syrup: Everything You Need to Know to Make DIY Maple Syrup on a Budget

DIY Maple Syrup book cover 6x9--drill_brown-boxes-with-white-text-KINDLEcover

Click here to get your free copy of the eBook (11/22/2018 and 11/23/2018 only!)


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