FREE Download: Egg Cost Calculator and Hen Productivity Tracker

Have you ever wondered how much you’re spending on the eggs your hens lay?  Are you saving money by not buying from the store?  Here’s an easy to use, FREE calculator to figure out exactly how much you pay for a dozen of your own backyard eggs.   

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We’ve always wondered whether we were actually saving money at all by raising our own flock of hens.  Using this calculator, we were able to determine definitively that in season we are indeed spending less for our 100% organic eggs than we would be at the pricey grocery store.

Not to mention the other benefits of raising your own birds, like how we get to choose exactly how the birds are raised and treated, or how having hens just makes us plain happy in general!

Overview of what you’ll get with this calculator

The Quick Calculator tab allows you to estimate costs based on monthly feed consumption and weekly egg counts:


For more detailed and accurate tracking, you can also use the Detailed Tracking Calculator tab to record daily information on how many eggs were laid and how much feed was consumed:


Here are some sample results:


Click here to access this free download!

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