You can’t escape going ape for a GARLIC SCAPE so make a crepe in a funny shape

Oh great another underwhelming recipe roundup with no dad jokes or practical ideas… NOT!!!!!!!

You know what is great about food blogs? When they write a 2000 word reflective personal essay about their whimsical feelings and experiences with the recipe or ingredient in question.  I know I ALWAYS read every word and NEVER just scroll straight to the recipe.

Here are some great examples of blog posts that don’t get right down to business:

Mustard Greens Macaroni and Cheese

Yes Virginia, meatballs can be healthy #recipe

Some blogs really impress me with their visuals, too.  I love how the prose is often littered with watermarked photos of the same plate of food from different angles.  It’s kinda my jam–especially when I’m looking up recipes for preserves.

But you know, I’m a little busy today, so I won’t do that. Let’s just be practical.

When it comes to garlic scapes, you have a challenge on your cutting board.

A long, curled stalk of flavor that is a bit tougher than any other produce you’ve faced before.  For a green vegetable, its potency is off the charts.  And while you can just wing it and treat the garlic scape like garlic with a little more “green” flavor, you might not leave the dinner table in love.

And you should be in love with garlic scapes, my friend.

a couple of crazy garlic scapes in love

Would you follow the advice of a food blog for a first date?

Instead of trying to find the exact perfect recipe that will send you head over heels for garlic scapes, I’d like to offer up a few different methods of preparation, and set you on your own path.  Build the relationship on your terms. Don’t just trust a long winded food blog with a search engine optimized title.  Here are some great ways to get to know garlic scapes.

Note: When cooking garlic scapes, you typically do not use the top portion, which would have been a garlic flower. 

Puree Garlic Scapes

Pureeing a food enables you to do three powerful things at once:

  • evenly spread a wonderful flavor throughout a dish
  • soften a strong taste
  • achieve a smooth texture
garlic scape guacamole
the greenest guacamole ever thanks to scapes!

So when you puree garlic scapes, you have to go with dishes where you don’t really want strong garlicky flavor bomb chunks to jump out at you.  You want to infuse the garlickly aromas throughout.  Throw loosely chopped chunks of scapes into a food processor with a little bit of olive oil and then go for it.  Here are some ideas we’ve enjoyed:

  • Add to mac and cheese

  • Use it in pesto

  • Whip it into softened butter and serve with good bread

  • Add to guacamole

  • Fool everyone into thinking you’re a chef by adding to mayonnaise and call it Garlic Scape Aioli

Heck, just throw pureed garlic scapes into just about any savory dish and you’ll win

Chop Garlic Scapes

Time for your second date. Things went well with the pureeing, didn’t they?  But now it’s time to really taste the scape straight.

Smoothing out a sharp flavor is nice, but sometimes it’s a wasted opportunity.  Sometimes a dish really shines when each bite is its own rock concert, with guitar solos and harmonies and perfect drum fills.

Do you know why Ben & Jerry’s ice cream is so popular?  It’s not because of their cute cow cartoons or even the high quality.  It’s the chunks.  I think of it as the Ben & Jerry’s principle–more chunks, more fun.  You could eat chocolate ice cream and be happy enough, but you could eat New York Super Fudge Chunk and really participate in your dessert, finding treasures in every bite.  Let’s apply the Ben & Jerry’s principle to garlic scapes, too.

roast cornish game hen on a raft of scapes
roast cornish game hen on a raft of scapes

Chop into your desired lengths and cook along with other vegetables you’re using in a meal.  Generally speaking, I’d advise sauteeing the chopped scapes for a few minutes in olive oil with some salt before adding to a dish, unless you’ll be cooking them anyway in the application. Ideas:

  • Decorate your pizza with green magic

  • Toss with pasta 

  • Roast with meat (chicken, turkey, fish, pork, beef–they all work!)

  • Add to an omelette

  • Scape Crepes (say it five times fast)

  • Add to stir fry

Leave Garlic Scapes Long

Things are getting serious between you two!  I’m such a great matchmaker.  You really want to explore the garlic scape and are ready to go big, you say?

Garlic Scape Wrapped Pork Tenderloin

Here are some ideas:

  • Use scapes to wrap stuffed meat

  • Wind scapes around shish kebabs for some really beautiful grilling

  • Spiral scapes on the top of a quiche

  • Use as drumsticks on the cutting board while you decide which of the above 14 ideas you want to try first

So, when can I expect a save the date?