The Complete Recipe for Perfect Cornish Game Hens

We just tasted the first of this year’s Cornish game hens.  They were so good we decided we would share our recipe for them, perfect roasted.  Preparation of the ingredients starts a little earlier than most recipes.  

pasture raised organic fed cornish game hens roasted to perfection


for one Cornish game hen, multiply for additional servings

  • olive oil
  • salt
  • 1 cornish rock/cross/broiler chick
  • 1 lb USDA Organic chick starter feed
  • 3-4 lbs USDA Organic broiler grower feed
  • a constant supply of fresh water
  • chicken tractor or other secure housing that allows for 3+ square feet of space per bird
  • a lush outdoor space, preferably with plant and insect life abounding


  1. Add a dash of love, a heaping teaspoon of care, and..

OK enough of… that!  If you really want to know how to roast a perfect Cornish game hen, check out the roasting section in our “Farm Fresh Chicken User Manual“.  Our process for roasting is the same for all poultry, it’s just a matter of bringing the meat to the right temperature under the right conditions.  The key is to have a good chicken to start with, and that doesn’t happen in the kitchen, it happens on the farm.

That’s right. We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again. You can marinade a grocery store chicken breast as long as you want, spend your weekends perfecting the herb and spice blends, grill it over real coals and pair it with a nice beer and it will still come off as weak when compared to the texture and flavor of a pasture raised chicken roasted with just a bit of salt.

When it comes to raising chickens, we’re not really thinking about it in terms of yields and profits and efficiency.

We’re cooking.

pasture raised organic fed cornish game hens ready for pickup

We’re making our dinners for the year.  And this year’s Cornish game hens really proved that it’s working. The extra effort on the farming side really pays off in the kitchen.

Just as a cook might test a soup for saltiness, we observe our chickens’ behavior on a hot day and adjust their shade.  A cook might  press their index finger onto a sizzling steak to check for doneness, and we upgrade the amount of space our birds have on pasture to maximize foraging when we see they’ve grown to a new stage.

4 week old broiler chicken to be processed into a cornish game hen

Honestly, it’s always been about the dinner for us. Eating healthy, local and sustainably are all very important to us, but in the end we’re just obsessed foodies, and we’ve realized you have to go beyond the kitchen to get the best food for your plates.

And you know what? A lot of local farms are like us!  We’re already sold out of chicken for the year, so please… go check out other farms.  There are CSAs, meat shares, farm stands, small local grocers, and of course farmers’ markets.

Seriously, the food is better!

Do it!

You’ll say, like, “yum”, and stuff!


And if you can’t find any pasture raised Cornish game hens, you can bet your butts we’ll be raising them again next year!