rhode island red free range running on pasture

Are we really a farm?

Ferrin Brook Farm might not actually be a farm. Aren’t farms supposed to be run like businesses? They’re supposed to be 100% dedicated to raising food to sell, right? Frankly, we’re just a house with some land where it’s OK to raise animals. As for what we actually sell, that’s just chickens, maybe some maple sugar, and the occasional dozen eggs. Everything else we do is for our family to eat. So are we really a bona fide farm? Continue reading “Are we really a farm?”

birch syrup on a spoon

Weekly letter – The maples shut down, so let’s make birch syrup

Hi friends!  What a wild sugaring season we’ve had!  So many times we thought the trees would be running and they didn’t.  Or they ran and ran and ran for a few days and we were practically swimming in unexpected sap.  Such is the way of spring and its transition. Continue reading “Weekly letter – The maples shut down, so let’s make birch syrup”