Wait… are people stealing our ideas on Instagram?

As you may have noticed, we’ve been more actively posting photos and videos to Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.  We find this to be fun and it helps us to connect to other people who are as obsessed with chickens and good food as we are.  But lately it seems like when we post something, within a few days someone else posts something very similiar.  Are we really that influential?

Here are a few examples:

#backyardchickens hashtag in common:

We posted this video showing the journey of an egg from the chicken to our breakfast, and made a dish we call “toad in the hole”. We asked our followers what they call this dish.


Here’s something that was posted 3 days later by someone else using the same #backyardchickens hashtag, showing the same dish and asking the same intriguing question! (Worth noting their bread is white and the yolk is broken…)


#firewood and #homesteading hasHtag in common:

What we posted:


Posted by one of the more popular homesteading/farming Instagram accounts just one day later in the same hashtag feeds as ours, #firewood and #homesteading. Captions seem to have a similar sentiment…


OK, so we’re not really accusing anyone of stealing our ideas. In fact, if you check out the posts on Instagram with the #firewood hashtag, you will see many images like ours. So you could accuse US of stealing! Social media is the wild west, where you can do basically whatever you want without many consequences. Which makes it all the more fun.

And if you really want to stand out, you have to do some high quality work that is unique and entertaining! We’re trying!

In truth, social media is teaching us, again and again, that we are really not alone in our enthusiasm for good, local food. There are a lot of small farmers and homesteaders out there who love sharing what they do. And ironically, it is anything but local when you get on the Internet. We follow folks in England and Australia!

But where else could we all find each other, when we mostly focus on keeping it close to home? Social media allows us to expand our minds and see different ideas.  Really, it’s good if people copy us!  We are probably copying others!  And we are really having a blast!

If you want to keep up with us on social media, go ahead and follow us! We post almost daily with something we think is interesting, beautiful, or funny.