Shovel your driveway with less effort using our efficient strategy

Plows. Booooo! They make you dependent on someone else’s schedule, they cost a lot of money to hire, and they often leave your driveway with a hard layer of packed snow instead of an actually cleared path. Now you need sand and salt. The cycle never ends! There’s got to be a better way! 

8 inches of fresh snow covering our driveway
hooray so much snow to clear

The way I see it, it’s essential that we northerners find a good, honest way to clear our driveways. Lucky for you, I happen to be an expert on the subject of shoveling snow, with decades of hard winters under my belt. I have methods that will cleanse your soul, build muscles, and hey, actually give great results.

Plow guys get nervous when they drive by me, hoping none of their customers see me shoveling with advanced technique. It could destroy the plowing industry.

Divide and Conquer – The most efficient way to shovel snow 

This method was born two years ago when I was rushing to make the driveway passable so Amy could get to an appointment. When I learned it had taken less than half of my usual time, I felt a divine light shining down on me. And I shoveled in the light. And it was good.

Single readers, take note. Everyone is impressed with someone that uses efficient shoveling technique.

Here’s more detail on what you do:

Step 1: Clear a path right down the middle of the driveway. You will now have two columns of snow to clear.

to clear your driveway of snow efficiently, first shovel a path down the middle

Step 2: Starting at one end of one of these new columns, plant your feet and, working from the cleared center path, make a quick, strong pass to push the snow to the edge of your driveway.  You want to just make one sweeping motion if possible, which is more efficient and allows you to progress down the driveway with less energy wasted.

next, clear one side by using single shoveling motions

Step 3: Repeat step two over and over, stepping forward gingerly as you progress, until you finish the column. Then take care of the other column in the same manner. You’ll find that you can work fairly fast, since you don’t waste time walking back and forth. You look beautiful blasting through that snow.

I shoveled a 100 foot run of our driveway in under 20 minutes this past week using divide and conquer. It used to take almost a full hour. How do you like them apples?!

A fully shoveled driveay
A shoveled driveway is a happy driveway

With Divide and Conquer, you can take the first step towards conquering your dreams. Congratulations. And you’re welcome.

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Get Your Master’s Degree in Shoveling Snow

Here’s to efficient, eco-friendly, healthy snow removal!


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