How to make Hard Apple Cider [infographic]

Homebrewing is so IN right now, isn’t it?!  I love homebrewing and take pride in the fact that a majority of the alcohol consumed in our home is not only responsibly consumed, it’s like 75% or more completely home made!  But brewing beer can be time consuming and requires ingredients that aren’t always that local.  Cider, on the other hand, well that stuff practically grows on trees!  Boo ya!  Want to make some hard cider? We’ll show you how!

This infographic covers the very basics of how you can take some of that nice local sweet cider and make it a nice local refreshing drink with somewhere around 5-7% alcohol by volume, depending on the sugar content.    Cider has been around for as long as apples have. There was a time in the early colonies of the United States where cider was considered more reliably safe to drink than WATER.  Plus, it doesn’t hurt that the stuff just tastes awesome.

This infographic is really just a stepping stone. If you want to scale this up to more than a gallon or you want to refine the process for crystal clear cider, the internet is your oyster.  But the best way to learn is by doing, so just go for it!

How to make Hard apple Cider Infographic

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