Fall Fun for Families

Every chance we get lately, we are outside! There is something about Autumn air and the chill of the mornings! I LOVE IT. Every moment we are not working on the homestead, we are trying to savor all of Autumn’s wonderful sights, smells, and traditions.  Here are a few things we like to do this time of year. What are you doing to embrace Fall?


Great Family Activities we recommend

  1. Hiking or walking in the woods

    We are so fortunate to live up in the mountains with many trail systems for all abilities nearby. Nothing sounds better to me than taking the girls and the dog out into the woods.  We could scale small hills and mountains, because the 3-year-old is a happy hiker  and she “has big strong legs, mama, really I do, I am a hiker just like Papa/Uncle/Auntie!” With cooler temperatures and fewer tourists, we love tackling the local trails.  Our children love the fresh air and exploring and seeing new sights.  This past week we were able to even drive a little further away to a state park we had never been to and saw amazing huge rocks, waterfalls, rivers and paths we had never crossed before.
    Most recently we visited Grafton Notch State Park in Maine!

  2. Visit a farm, orchard, or farmer’s market

    I am at the market every week, but these squash filled Saturdays are so beautiful and filled with a little slower pace for families to enjoy.  If you do have a farm or orchard near by you, then picking apples or pumpkins, taking a farm tour, or getting everyone bundled up for a hay ride or corn maze is a great family tradition to start at any time! It is so fun to see the grand and vastness of a bigger farm or orchard’s harvest coming to fruition.  Once the fields are done producing summer goodies, they are usually cleaned up a bit for the harvest of fall storage veggies and some will give tours, hay rides or let you pick your own pumpkins.  The orchards around here are loaded with apples and we typically can spend the whole day chasing each other around the trees and picking the best apples for our home. Remick Country Doctor Museum and Farm is a great spot in Tamworth that we enjoy visiting.

  3. Using the local, seasonal foods to make great meals and treats!

    the last of our homegrown greens

    The reason we all start to crave apple pie, pumpkin spiced everything, and even turkey this time of year, is that they are traditionally in season. In trying to live a seasonal and local food life, we are most excited for fall’s harvest and our FAVORITE foods.  So we cooked up the last of our swiss chard and ate the last bunches of salad greens from our garden and have been switching gears to great storage veggies.  Apples are tart and great so they are going into everything too! Pies and homemade pie crusts are made as well as apple sauce and apple crisp, and many new takes on apple recipes. And, we have even been putting them in unexpected places.  I’ve brought many early apple treats to market to many happy bellies like apple blueberry muffins, apple raspberry crumble bars, apple coffee cake with walnuts. YUM!
    We have really enjoyed a seasonal carrot soup and apple pie!

  4. Making and crafting

    the beginning of something is always so exciting…

    When the temperatures start to get reasonable again, (not 80 or 90 degree days with humidity, sitting in the kiddie pool or the lake) I am ready to pick up my knitting needles and start new projects for birthdays, holidays, gifting, and keeping my family warm.  I have many projects in process and am hoping to create hats and mitten for everyone to wear this winter, as well as dish cloths and a family rug made from found materials!

Hoping you enjoy your Fall however you like!  What are you up to these gorgeous Autumn days?