Curling into Autumn

It is September, the in-between month up here in New Hampshire. I can feel the shift to Autumn and the change in the air.  Oh goodness, most of us get all excited when the coffee shops start to make pumpkin flavored things and our flannel and sweaters start creeping from the boxes in the closet or that bottom drawer.  

our tomatoes, appearing at the end of the season

But in the fields, the gardens are on their final push of tomatoes, greens, eggplant, brussels sprouts, the apples and squash is emerging round and shiny, ready for eating or storage.  I am learning the turn of my garden’s needs too.  I can reflect and see what worked well (root vegetables, broccoli, swiss chard) and what we need to work on for next year to eat even more fresh home-grown food ( more sun! space for a green/hoop house to jumpstart everything).  The potatoes came out before all the August/September rains pummeled down. The carrots are fat and sweet and really pushing out and all harvested but for one more row for Brian’s lunches next week.  The mornings scare us to thinking of frost, final crops getting pulled, tilling and amending the soil for the following year, and planting garlic.

Each season

the motions of my garden

moving forward

cycling or curling inward.

Last night was the best night of sleep I have had all summer. Truth is, I really do savor every season. I enjoy every season. It’s almost the Autumnal Equinox. The air is full of focus, cool and crisp, and I can tuck under that down blanket and rest.  No wonder I slept relaxed and curled under covers.

All of our summer friends are back to school and fall’s scheduling and planning and prepping. We miss them terribly, equally so the daily hummingbird visits, and berries picked for snacks. We know we will see them again soon enough.

How are you curling into Autumn and what is your favorite aspect of this time of year?