Potatoes, Corn, and Tomatoes

Dear August,

I love you. Your hot sweltering days make everything come to birth with rapid full force.  The nights are short and swimming in humidity.   Your days are long and packed with lake hopping, people laughing and catching up, and so much delicious food. Bring on more heat, bright summer days, and all the celebrations of summer. Love, Amy

PS Thanks for the potatoes, the corn, and the tomatoes!

Happy accidents

We are really enjoying our fresh new potatoes and I can see the ears or corn getting fat!  I love corn’s slow steady progression and watching them next to the carrots burrowing and bulging up to the surface is such a contrast in gardening growth.  This sweet corn will not be saved for winter, but likely, eaten fresh or barely steamed.  Our daughter has eaten a few dinners with friends that consisted of only ear after ear of corn lately so when HER corn finally comes to fruition, I’m sure she will just gobble it up.


The potatoes were a nice surprise this week! I threw them into the ground months ago on a whim and they are the most beautiful shade of red. Digging proved to be a new struggle but I realized a better tool for the job would be a spade shovel and I left half the bed in the ground for a drier day.

And the tomatoes! They are finally coming! I was able to grab a few but we need to give those plants more sun or they just stall all July with green stalks and no fruit. When I pulled some salad for dinner last night there were handfuls of little fruits beginning  to show all over every plant! Success!


It brings me such immense joy to walk down the hill and pick our dinner, or complete our dinner out of things in the garden.  I can remember each step and each transition of the plants and so can our daughter and we are so happy and surprised.  If you could hear that squeal of joy when she discovers broccoli coming out of the leaves, or sees the tomatoes finally getting as big as her hand.

What’s growing on your farm, land, backyard garden, or pots on the deck? Tell us all about it in the comments or on our page! Happy Homesteading!