Help us understand your food and win free maple sugar!

We love to go with our guts on what is right. We’ve developed deep opinions over time and have done some work along the way to validate my thinking, and our instincts have improved and evolved into something we really feel good about. But every now and then we hear something, or see how someone lives, or just put ourselves in someone else’s shoes and everything changes. What does this have to do with your chance to win some free granulated maple sugar, made right here at Ferrin Brook Farm?


In order to continually evolve our thinking on food and work towards the absolute best results, we need perspective. Yes, we want the healthiest meat and the best tasting vegetables, and we want to do it all in a way with the most respect for the earth and future generations. But what do we really know?

We can only go so far by looking inward. We need to know what our friends, family, and followers think. What they want. What they do every day. What they believe.

So we made a survey. If you take the time to fill it out, you’ll be eligible to win some of our very own granulated maple sugar, harvested right from our maple trees. (Learn more about why we love maple sugar by clicking here.)  You’ll also help shape our understanding of where food needs to go in this world and give us ideas on how we can guide our small contributions in the right direction.

Click here to check out the survey. And thanks!

Ferrin Brook Farm's Granulated Maple Sugar