Climbing and Rolling

I am picking the beautiful bounty of peas everyday now by the quart!  The lovely small pea blossoms have come and gone and many climbing plants have overtaken the fencing meant to support their lofty goals.  But the August heat is nearly upon us and with temps over 70 most days, they won’t be here much longer.


I learned a lot already with their support – along the garden fencing.  I can remember to water them more and more next year – such thirsty plants! And I have observed their funny tricks – crawling up over and around each other to gain sunlight and grow as tall as possible and even so tall that they rip their own roots free.

These are also the vegetables I planted after my second girl was born.  When the frost finally disappeared and I scrambled outside into the sunshine as she napped. And now this baby is almost 4 months old!  She coos and giggles and interacts with us now. We have learned a lot about her and she is growing and learning everyday about us.  We are beyond the fourth trimester and into some decent sleep patterns and it feels so good.


Those peas are the first thing I planted this year in our soil and with our new  girl wrapped on my chest or in my thoughts.  Now they are almost gone. She is almost babbling and can roll herself over!  It was a good harvest and next spring I want to plant twice as many. For there are now twice as many little mouths to feed.