The Rare Beauty of a Rainy Farmers’ Market

It’s the middle of summer. Gardens are beginning to burst, the chickens are nearly full grown, and farmers’ markets are bustling centers of joy with gossip and goods.  Summer is a favorite time of year because after a long wait through New England winters… there is a burst of fresh and local food.  All you need to do is stop by your local market and choose your favorites!  Come meet the farmers and visit with friends!  But it is summer and sometimes it rains.  While most will shake their head at the idea of a soggy farmers’ market, we are here to say, don’t miss out on the market because of the weather.  

I won’t wax on and on about how great it can be when a good local farmers’ market gets rained on.  Let’s keep it simple with the top 5 reasons you should make a point to visit the market when it’s raining.

  1. Dark skies are brightened with vibrant produce and smiling facesIMG_3725
  2. When you are at a rainy market, you’re all in it together, and you bond over it. It is like a battle that you inevitably win…plus food!IMG_3763
  3. Fewer crowds! More goods to go all around!IMG_3730
  4. You see the dedication of a true farmer, sticking it out no matter what. If it snowed, they’d be there too.IMG_3747
  5. Summer rain cools and washes the soul, it is not something to hide from. It is so much harder to resist than to embrace the rain and let the earth’s natural hydration processes envelope you.
    A rainy farmers’ market is a thing of beauty, delivering a hearty and wholesome experience you don’t get on a blue sky day.  See you this weekend at your local market or ours, Tamworth Farmer’s Market  rain, sun, hail, or whatever the weather! Ashera Fine Baking!