Garden Update Mid July

I have been trying to practice restraint in our garden beds. Such a tough thing to do when you are excited as we are about growing our own food from seed!  The lettuce, kale, and swiss chard are taking off and we even saw sweet peas this week! It all looks so pretty almost too pretty to eat.


Practicing restraint means taking and tasting one leaf of lettuce or one early pea pod and letting the rest be.   See the forest through the greens and the richness of the FULL harvest.


But, tell that to a happy 3-year-old farmer.  If we can just wait a little longer the heat of summer will be upon us and the plants will explode with ripeness.


I will have to just get my picking and harvesting out of my system by weeding the rows and mulching the garden paths! Which is, of course, totally satisfying in its own right!