Looking for the True Leaves

Earth day came and went in this house with a slight nod to reducing, reusing, and recycling.  A new baby in the homestead has brought us to a very different speed so we are picking up the projects and doing what we can. When I couldn’t find the seed starters from last year I made a bunch from news paper just like I learned in the second grade.


Now three weeks later I am the proud mama of four flats of very different sized seedlings. Every day when I check their dampness and spray them with water I am filled with immense hope and possibility. We will eat well this summer and fall if all the little seedling babies survive and thrive. Oh thank goodness for Spring. Now I am on the look out for the true leaves in all the little seed pots.  They are showing more than the promise of life. The general rule of thumb is that when a seedling has three to four true leaves, it is large enough to plant out in the garden (after it has been hardened off). My seedlings are all almost there!! I am just hoping they will be strong and soon enough go out into the gardens I have been planning in my head for months. Oh the potential! 


At the end of the day when I rock my little ones and watch their heavy lids close with sleep, I let the days events slide through my mind and smile to myself.  They show their glorious true leaves everyday in very specific and different ways.  The littlest girl is growing stronger and rounder. She is more alert and smiling at us now as she reaches 2 months old.  The biggest girl is full of true feelings, and is stretching like a string bean.  She is long and thin and full of contrary statements all day long.  But when do we get to see their truest leaves? Is it in those first real moments of coming into the world? Are the true leaves shining when our babies start to move on their own? Or as they realize themselves as separate from us as parents, constantly stating defiant ‘NO” and opposition loudly and proudly? If the leaves are the strongest part of the seedling, then I might think these toddler years just might be a child’s true leaves emerging and strengthening. Meanwhile, I can keep pondering but more seeds need to get started and the garden is calling my name to be planted.