How to Make Granulated Maple Sugar [infographic]

Granulated maple sugar is made by removing all moisture from maple sap / maple syrup, leaving behind wonderful sugar crystals with maple flavor that can be used in an impressive number of ways, from substituting for standard sugar in a recipe to unique applications such as sprinkling onto blueberries and other fruits.  And guess what, it’s easy enough to make in your kitchen today.

how to make granulated maple sugar

Here’s how you can make granulated maple sugar at home:

  1. Make sure you’re prepared: Use heatproof gloves and other protection, as you will be boiling at high temperatures and steam will be released.
  2. Carefully heat maple syrup (or maple sap) in a pan over medium or low heat until it is boiling at 45-50°F above the boiling point of water, so at sea level that would be 257-262°F (125-127°C).  Make sure to watch the boil closely to avoid boiling over!
  3. Allow the syrup to cool to ~200°F (93°C)
  4. Now stir the sugar using a stand mixer on low speed (you can also use a hand mixer or mix with a spoon, just requires more work).
  5. While mixing, steam will be released, be ready with protective clothing and gloves!
  6. When the steam stops, you have sugar!  Let it cool, then sift with a strainer to get rid of clumps.
  7. Maple sugar is shelf stable, so you can throw it in a bag or jar or whatever you want without worrying about it going bad!

Don’t like learning with numbered steps?  Neither do we!  So we made this handy infographic of the process!

How to Make Granulated Maple Sugar at home infographic

P.S. Making Granulated Maple Sugar is beneficial to sugarmakers!

Making maple syrup into maple sugar is a great way to salvage any syrup with off flavors or aromas! If you have some late season buddy syrup that smells weird, or maybe you made syrup over a fire and that smokey aroma is lingering, go ahead and make it into sugar!  The bad smells dissipate with the moisture, and you’ll have yourself some valuable product!


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