How to Make Sugar on Snow (aka Maple Taffy) [infographic]

It’s safe to say that we’ve got maple syrup on our minds! Between checking our taps daily and our daughter’s love of maple sugaring themed books, we have it covered.  And we’ve been eager to try Sugar on Snow, aka Maple Taffy, aka easy, fun, and delicious treat!

Sugar on Snow being pulled up
Maple Sugar on Snow lifts off easily with a toothpick or fork

We were inspired to make it after reading The Missing Maple Syrup Sap Mystery by Gail Gibbons to our daughter, which is such a great book but is sadly out of print (try your local libraries, ours had it!). It covers the sugaring process in a way a young kid can understand and is downright funny.  SPOILER ALERT: At the end they make Sugar on Snow, and it just seemed too fun and easy to pass up!

Have you always wondered how to make sugar on snow?  See our infographic below and you can make this classic maple syrup recipe with your family this weekend!  

Here’s what you need:

  • pure maple syrup (1/4 cup per person is plenty)
  • saucepan
  • candy thermometer
  • clean snow or shaved ice packed onto a pan/dish/whatever

To show how very simple sugar on snow really is, we put together this easy to follow infographic which you can easily save, print, share, etc.  Enjoy!

How to Make: Sugar on Snow. gently boil maple syrup until it reaches 232 F. Carefully pour onto clean, packed snow. Lift cooled maple taffy off snow with a toothpick and twirl. Enjoy with pickles and doughnuts!
Click to see a larger version of this infographic on how to make maple taffy / sugar on snow

Want to make your own maple syrup but think it’s going to be too much work? Not interested in buying specialized, expensive equipment?  Our book will take you from your trees to your pancakes with easy to understand, cheap strategies and plans!  Check it out here:

Start to Finish Maple Syrup: Ferrin Brook Farm’s Guide to Everything you need to know to make DIY Maple Syrup on a Budget

Have a sweet time!


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