Our Inexpensive and Easy DIY Maple Syrup Evaporator

The sap collection has been slow here with winter holding on tight with below freezing temperatures and deep snow covering our land.  So far we’ve only pulled about a half gallon of sap per tap.  But hey, at least we collected enough to warrant a boil!  We build our own evaporator instead of shelling out big bucks for the fancy ones, read on to see how we did it.

There really is something about boiling sap over a fire, isn’t there?  The wood smoke mixed with the sap steam warms your face while it moisturizes.  You linger outside for hours doing almost nothing but poking and prodding, skimming sap, and enjoying a break from distracting technology.  I look forward to these peaceful spring weekends ahead as the maples continue to share their essence with us.

The end product from about 5 gallons of sap couldn't taste any better!
The end product from about 5 gallons of sap couldn’t taste any better!

We follow a strict rule of avoiding any unnecessary purchases.  No snow throwers or plows here when we already own that $15.99 shovel!  Do we really NEED new flatware just because we don’t have a complete set anymore?  And why on earth would we buy an evaporator for hundreds of dollars when we don’t have a pressing need for speed and efficiency for our small scale operation?

We went ahead and documented the assembly process and put together some free DIY plans for you to build your own evaporator easily and cheap.  All the materials are readily available at a home supply store or maybe you even have them in your garage right now.

Click HERE to download our free maple syrup evaporator plans! (PDF download)

Free Maple Syrup Evaporator Plans

More maple help:

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