Steps in the Snow

Strong steps, sturdy steps, big steps in the snow! Strong steps, sturdy steps, big steps in the snow! Whenever the kiddo and I head out into the snow, even around the yard just to check the chickens or the mailbox, I have taken up chanting and singing those silly words.

I even dance and demonstrate these clear strong steps that she can copy as she walks with me wherever we go together.  Hopefully, we both stay upright on the snow and ice and don’t fall down!

Yesterday we romped and tromped with our snowshoes on one of our favorite paths in the woods. It begins in a small hamlet a few towns to the south, and the trail travels alongside a winding river and then turns deeper into a pine forest.  Initially, the unbroken trail with snowdrifts up to my 2 year old’s knees made me worry but Papa lifted her right over the 5 foot tall snow bank and she set off behind him and the dog.  With her snowshoes buckled on and outfitted in a full snowsuit, waterproof mittens up to her elbows and hand knit wool hat, the kiddo started narrating our journey and singing her way into the woods.  Papa lead the way happily breaking out the trail and the kiddo stamped out her own path behind him. Our wild dog bounded through the deep snow as if they were snow waves. We were all beginning to smile; pure enjoyment with fresh cold air pinking our cheeks.

The sunshine and shadows were dancing on the bright white floor of the forest. Silver birch trees towered overhead, and leaned in to hear what the kiddo said next about fairy bridges, and how the water was too cold right now to let the dog go swimming, then which tree house was hers, and how, next time, we came back it would be summertime again!

Our bodies warmed by movement and our discussions deepening as we continued down our path. While sometimes it is a hassle and wrangle to get all of us out, with all our gear, with snacks, out of the house into the car and on the trail…the chatter on the trail, the giggles, the fresh air, and the time away from our little house is worth every step.

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